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Want to remodel your house but not sure where to start? Why not hire someone who has expertise in exterior remodeling services? Robert Major Construction Corp is here for you! Remodeling or renovating your house in Montgomery County, PA, can certainly add to its curb appeal, increase its value in the market and make your home look modern and pristine. If you’re bored with how your home looks from the outside, you can hire our home improvement services to add a new vibe to it.

From house siding, windows, roofs, and gutters, to decks, stucco work, and insulation, you can hire us for a complete range of exterior service and precision contracting services. Expect quality work from our contractors and subcontractors at a fair price. Contact us and get a free estimate for your remodeling project or commercial construction services.

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Component Of Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is a major endeavor requiring considerable time and money. You’d have to make crucial decisions to ensure you love the result. The first phase of the project is planning; where you’d have to decide on four things; design, function, feasibility, and budget.


Ask yourself, “what kind of a home do I want?” Think about the materials you want to use while remodeling your home, the colors, the size, its compatibility with the rest of the landscape, and more. Your exterior contractor may ask what you expect from the project. So it’s best to create a rough vision.

Once you have decided on a tentative design for your new and improved home, speak to Robert Major Corp Construction. Our business provides various home exterior services in a professional manner. We work closely with you and ensure that you love our work in PA.


A home that merely “looks good” is no good. You want your property to be functional by maximizing space to get your money’s worth. For this, you’d need a professional’s help. An exterior remodeling contractor would know how the available space can be used and give you suggestions.

Robert Major Construction Corp considers your family’s future to make suggestions on your estate. Contact our business now to get started on your family home’s exterior remodeling project in PA if interested. Call for roofing and gutter contracting services in the Montgomery County area.


Homeowners can often get ambitious while exterior remodeling or renovating their homes. While the spirit is appreciated, not every expectation of the clients can be fulfilled. Once you tell your remodeling contractor what you’re hoping for in the home improvement, they will tell you whether it’s feasible, how easily that can be done, or whether it’s even possible, given the space and resources. In this stage, we also prioritize tasks.

To begin the work you want to see on the surface, we may have to lay out the foundations. It’s important to stay patient throughout the project, and we guarantee you that you will like the final work, down to the last detail in PA.


Be installing replacement windows, roofing work, new construction services, building repairs, installations, etc.; exterior work can demand significant money. However, you need to limit how much you can spend on the project. Before the work begins, ensure that you have planned out a rough budget; from start to finish, account for how much you can spend on the whole project by learning the average cost of the work.

During your first consultation with Robert Major Construction Corp, we ask you about your budget. We would ensure you get desired results for your family property within that limit. For roof and exterior-related services, including repairs, installation, and replacement. Contact our residential contractor now for a free estimate. We provide our customers with quality service in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Why Choose Our Precision Contracting Services In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Robert Major Construction Corp is a residential and commercial roofing, decks, insulation, and home exteriors service provider in Montgomery County, PA. We offer a full range of roofing services in the region, including installation of new roofs, old roof repairs, or replacement. We also pride ourselves on our exceptional exterior services.

Our customers trust us because we finish work within the expected time and budget and offer follow-up services to ensure that our customers get exactly what they were hoping for. We are not here just for your money but to help you make your dream house a reality. Contact us now if you’re interested in exterior remodeling your family property, getting stucco work done, or getting new roofs. Our contractors specialize in various exterior work. You won’t find a contracting firm as wholesome as ours. Schedule a meeting now to begin!

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