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Even the most durable roofs in the world require maintenance and repairs once in a while. To get your money’s worth and keep a healthy roof over your head, you must be careful about the roofing contractors you hire. Whether you want your roofing replaced, repaired, or maintained, it’s essential to put the right people to work.

Robert Major Construction Corp is a professional roofing company that provides beautiful craftsmanship and high standards to commercial and residential clients in Collegeville, PA. Our core values include professionalism and customer satisfaction, so you can enjoy excellent results in a timely manner. Contact our roofers for a free estimate on your home’s roof repairs, replacement, and maintenance.

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When to Call a Roofing Contractor

The roof can only last about 20-25 years. Some roofs can reach a milestone of 30 years, but that’s if the roof is of exceptional quality and it has been getting adequate maintenance over the years. In any case, at some point, you would have to call a Collegeville roofing contractor for roof-related issues in your home or business property. Here are some instances where calling a contractor for repair or a new roof would be essential.

Damaged shingles

Shingles are the foundation of your roof. If they begin to buckle, curl, crack, blister, or uproot, then they would have to be fixed quickly enough. Otherwise, your home’s interior would gradually become exposed to the weather elements. This could result in roof leaks. If you want to avoid water damage in your house, you would have to call a professional and licensed roofer with strict standards in terms of quality to work on your roof.

Algae and mold

Algae and mold can damage your roofing from the inside. Not only are these harmful to your home, but also to your family’s health, as these organisms come with various health hazards. They thrive in a humid and warm environment. If your roofing has created a habitable condition for algae, you would have to consult a professional to treat your house for this toxicity. While small mold growth can be dealt with by you as well, if you notice the growth on a large scale, it’s best to call Robert Major Corp roofers and have them deal with the roofing issue like repair.

Sunlight from the attic

While sunlight inside the house is normally considered a blessing, anything in excess is harmful. If you notice excessive sunlight pouring inside your house from the attic, it’s a matter of concern. Anything else, such as water, could also seep into your home this way. Water can prove to be very harmful to your roof’s health. They make ideal conditions for moss and mold to grow, which can further deteriorate your roof and business’s interior. The best thing to do is to hire a licensed roofing contractor serving Collegeville, Pennsylvania for residential and commercial work. Our roofers and employees are committed to customer satisfaction, so your demand is their command. For any remodeling or Montgomery County roofing concerns and estimates, contact our roofers now in Pennsylvania.

Why Customers Choose Our Company for Roofing Services

Robert Major Construction Corp company provides a full range of quality general contracting services in Collegeville, PA, including roofing and remodeling. If you’re looking for a reliable project manager to provide and oversee your home or business’s roofing project, then our roofing services, such as repair, replacement, or installation, are what you need.

After 25 years of experience and many completed projects, we have set a standard of excellence in Philadelphia, given the supreme quality of service and exceptional track record of happy customers. This explains why we are also one of the most sought-after roofing companies in the country. If you want to hire the best people for a roofing repair, installation, and replacement project in Collegeville, King of Prussia, Limerick, and Pottsgrove, get in touch with us now.

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