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Commercial roofing is just as important as residential roofing in Chester County, PA. If you own a business or commercial property in Chester County or its surrounding areas, you know just how much of an impact commercial roofing can make.

Because the exterior of your business is the first thing potential clients and customers see when approaching, it’s a good idea to keep your roof in good shape. Not only is a damaged roof dangerous for a variety of reasons, it’s off-putting to potential customers as well.

Reliable And Experienced Roofing Contractors

If you are looking for a professional team of highly trained roofers to get the job done, Robert Major Construction Corp is happy to help. Our team of commercial roofers provides PA roofing services that are cost-effective and consist of quality craftsmanship unmatched in Chester County.

At Robert Major Construction Corp, we care about our customers and offer complete transparency. The top priority of our team of contractors is our customers’ satisfaction.

We offer competitive prices in the Chester County area; for a free quote, feel free to contact us, and one of our commercial roofers will come by to perform a roof inspection and provide you with a free estimate.

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Roofing Services Offered

Robert Major Construction Corp offers many commercial roofing services in the Chester County area. Whether you are in need of roofing repair, roof replacement, or need a new roof installed, we can provide professional roofing to all Chester County businesses.

If you aren’t quite sure what kind of job your roof might need, feel free to contact us to discuss. Whether your roof needs to be repaired or you need a new roof installed, we are committed to our craft and happy to provide exactly what your business needs.

Chester County Roofing Inspection

There are many roofing problems your commercial property might run into, such as leaks, metal issues, synthetic roof underlayment, gutter issues, tree damage, and condensation.

Other minor commercial roofing repairs to look out for are broken or missing shingles, dirty or dark spots, or light coming in through the roof. If you are unsure what to look for, a roofing contractor can easily spot potential damage for you.

Commercial Roof Repair

Staying up to date on your roof repairs is one of the best ways to maintain your roof’s integrity and avoid a potential roofing project in the long run. Not only does this preserve your roof’s integrity, it also saves you money.

We know better than anyone that roof maintenance and repairs can be the last thing on your mind, but damage to roofs can happen at any time, whether it’s from a recent storm or old age.

Leaks are a common problem that can be repaired before further damage is done. If you spot a leak, it’s best to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid mold and additional water damage.

Commercial Roof Replacement

If your roof’s damage is beyond repair, you may need a roof replacement. This is a larger-scale project that one of our Chester County roofing contractors will be happy to tackle.

Don’t worry – if you don’t need your roof replaced, our contractors will thoroughly discuss your options with you ahead of time. If you do need a roof replacement, though, Robert Major Construction Corp will take on the job.

There are a number of reasons why you might need to replace your roof rather than just repair it. Older roofs, for example, will show signs of deterioration and damage more than newer roofs. To avoid spending too much on repair services, an older roof will benefit from being replaced.

A Single Worker Working On A Metal Sheet Roof

Commercial Roof Installation

If you live in Chester County and need a commercial roof installation, we are happy to provide you with a new roof. We utilize the industry’s best roofing materials and provide quality services.

There are many benefits to installing a new roof, such as saving energy, increasing your property value, and making your HVAC system to work more efficiently. If you install a new roof, it can also prevent hazards that can affect your health.

The Best Roofing Materials For Commercial Roofing

When you choose Robert Major Construction Corp to complete your roofing services, you can rest assured knowing your roof work will be done with the highest quality roofing materials possible. There are many roofing materials available, such as metal, slate, or wood, and each has its benefits.

Whether a roofing contractor from our team is completing a roof repair, installation, or replacement, we know that every detail matters. From the durability of the materials used to the unique needs your building has, our roofing contractors will be sure to provide a full roof inspection for the highest level of detail possible.

Once we have determined what kind of roofing materials suit your commercial roofing needs best, we will provide a free estimate before getting to work. Some of the factors that impact what roofing materials should be used are roof size, roof shape, and more.

Whether you would like shingle roofing or a metal roof, our contractors are familiar with it all – from slate roofing to asphalt shingles. Some materials are better suited for withstanding the elements, so if you have an old roof made of wood, we are happy to provide a roof replacement that includes a new metal roof.

Chester County Commercial Roofing Services

Here at Robert Major Construction Corp, we prioritize safety and quality. Contact us to install, replace, or repair your commercial roof. When you choose to work with us on your roof repair or installation, we will provide you with a step-by-step process that is tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Our response times are fast, and estimates are free, focusing on transparency and the quality of our customer services. We will always explain each step of the process to ensure you understand the roofing system. Our roofing contractors value our Chester County customers, providing reliable and trustworthy roofing.

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