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Keeping your property in good condition requires effort. For this, you’d need to hire a general contractor that offers budget-friendly home renovations, remodeling, home addition, home building, siding, drywall, and roofing services. A good contractor can help keep your house pristine and increase curb appeal. Not many companies provide the complete range of exterior services, but if you live in Montgomery County, PA, you’re in luck. 

Robert Major Construction Corp is a professional general contracting company that provides all exterior services for custom homes. From quality home renovations to remodeling in your current location, you can call us for several residential and commercial projects. Contact us now to get started if you’re interested.

What We Do

Do you need a roof replacement for your home? Our professionals are happy to come out and assess your project.

If you’re looking for a renovation and remodeling company in Montgomery County, PA, you’d need to hire someone with extensive practical experience in such work. Robert Major Construction Corp is a construction company that provides exterior, roofing, siding, and gutter services in Montgomery County, PA. Once we start working on a house, we take care of the entire process.
During our first meeting, we would learn what you expect from the project, and based on our conversation, we would propose a plan of action. Our clients trust our service because we work with integrity and dedication and strive to deliver what our clients desire. Contact our home builders now if you’re interested in renovating your home in Montgomery County or want advice on an exterior contractor or gutter contractor service.

What We Do

We have been working with leading investors and property managers for years to complete large-scale multifamily roof replacements. 

Robert Major Construction Corp is a general contracting company that provides all sundry services related to exteriors, roofing, and gutters. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, transparency, and commitment to our clients. There’s a reason why we are one of the most highly-rated home builders for construction management in Montgomery County, PA. We deliver the goods. Whether you want us to work on your doors, exteriors, siding, or any other space in your house, you can trust our workers to complete the residential or commercial project within the stipulated time and budget in Montgomery County. 

You can also call us for roofing repair, replacement, and new installation. We use the highest quality materials for this work. Schedule a client meeting with us now to get started on your next home project.

Whether you want an efficient crew for building renovations, remodeling, or roofing work, you must do in-depth research to find the right person. The research includes speaking to some of the contractors you have shortlisted in Montgomery County, PA, and asking questions to see whether they’re right for your project. Here are some things that all customers should ask before hiring a contractor in Montgomery County, PA.

Are you licensed?

Exterior and roofing contractors have to obtain a license before providing their services legally in their city of operations. Employing an unlicensed contractor can come with several risks. It’s important to ask the professional for a copy of their license. You can also check the type of insurance they have to know what kind of protection you would get if any accidents happen during the remodel or building work. Get in touch with a Montgomery County area roofing contractor to know more.

How long have you been in business? How many projects have you completed?

The longevity of the contractor is important. Companies that provide inefficient services don’t stay around for long. If a contracting company was established long ago and is still getting business in full swing, you could consider employing them. Consider their experience, qualifications, training skills, and other aspects before choosing them. Contact us for Bucks County roofing services and Chester County roofing services.

Will you hire sub-contractors for the job?

General contractors often hire subcontractors to provide commercial construction services, as some are massive in scope. While speaking to a contractor in Montgomery County, PA, ask whether they’d be keeping such professionals in the crew and ask for information on their credentials, experience, skills, and training. It’s important to know much about the person handling your home’s work in Montgomery County.

What's your usual payment schedule?

Some companies ask for full payment upfront from homeowners, but most divide the payments between milestones. You would have to pay a portion at the start of the home construction project and the remaining ones as the milestones progress. Ensure that you hire someone transparent about costs and their payment schedule. Ask about the milestone deliverable and the key dates, and finalize the cost accordingly. We’d advise you not to hire someone who asks for the complete payment at the start of the project in Montgomery County.

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